Audito paslaugos

Tezaurus Auditas

Audit & Accounting made to improve

We have provided audit and accounting services in Lithuania for over 20 years. And our experience shows that just financial reports are not good enough. We provide our clients with consulting, based on in-depth information, so they can use it to prosper.

Expertise. Quality. Ease.

Our very own software follows the principle of customer self-service. It’s specific, adjusts perfectly to your business needs, there is no need to install anything, and it’s easy to manage. And we’re always there to help you and your employees use it to the max.


Just feed us the yearly company database, and we’ll do the rest. Yes, from whichever software you use.

Thanks to full integration with our software, you’ll get all the info you need in real-time.

Our employee self-service allows for less error-prone easy-to-use cloud databases.

Let’s improve your business together!